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Mosler 3175 "Rapid Set" replacement safe deposit lock from BlueGrass Locks. Instantly sets to the bank's existing guard key - no cover removal or levers required! Includes pair of renter keys and neutral guard key.

Mosler 3175 Rapid Set Replacement

SKU: BG-3175
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  • Setting the BlueGrass 3175 safe deposit lock to the bank's existing guard key is as simple is opening the lock with the supplied keys, removing the neutral guard key then inserting and rotating the bank's guard key.

    Unlike competitors products which are based on modified 5700 designs, the BlueGrass 3175 is a true 3175 design and incorporates features to prevent incorrect or improperly inserted guard keys from causing lock outs.

  • Mosler 3175 "Rapid Set" - MOS3175, MOS3175A

    Bullseye 3175 - B3175, B3175-BR, B3175-NI

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