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How do I select a quantity greater than 10 to Add to Cart?


Select any quantity from the drop down menu then select Add To Cart. Once the Shopping Cart appears click View Cart then adjust the item quantity in the cart as needed.



Is quantity pricing available?


Absolutely. Send bulk/quantity pricing requests to or use our Contact Us page to receive a discount code.



Quantity drop down menu is shaded, non-accessible.


Select lock options (lock handing, finish and/or configuration) to proceed.



Other order methods?


Purchase orders may be emailed directly to or called into 859-363-5978.



Do locks include guard keys?


Locks are typically shipped with one guard key per order. Locks set to neutral guard are not supplied with a guard key with the exception of BG-3175 models which include a neutral guard key with every lock.



How do I use discount codes?


Discount codes can be entered during Check Out. Only one discount code may be applied per order. Unauthorized discounts will not be honored if incorrectly applied during online purchase.






All locks are individually boxed and clearly labeled.

Each lock's handing is clearly marked on the end of each box for easy identification.






Does Taylor Technologies (BlueGrass Locks) ship my order?


All non-dealer orders are forwarded to our warehousing distributors for shipping and fulfillment. Most dealer orders are also fulfilled by one of our warehousing distributors to ensure prompt delivery.






How to purchase with a NET account?


Dealers with an approved NET charge account may check out using the "Offline Payment" option. Orders will be invoiced or charged to credit card on file.



Product Support


How can I obtain additional product information or technical support?


Product support is available from Taylor Technologies, LLC by phone (859-363-5978), email ( and through the form on our contact page.

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